CarryMinati new song ‘VARDAAN’ is trending at number 1 on YouTube – watch the bang video

carryminati-Vaardan Son
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Youtube Carimati aka Ajay Nagar, who created a scare on YouTube last year, has done another blast again. Cariminati has released its new song ‘Vardaan’ VARDAAN ‘. People are very fond of this song of theirs.

carryminati-Vaardan Son
अजय नागर (Photo Credit: Instagram)

This banging song by Ajay Nagar is trending at number one on YouTube at the moment. This entire song of his is based on his personal life. The special thing about this song is that it has been written by Cariminati himself. At the same time, his elder brother Willie Frenzy has given music in this song.

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The title of Cariminati’s song is a boon. In the song, he has shared the experiences of his life. In the video song, Cariminati has advised the youth to live their dreams from their career journey. ‘Hold my hand, jump from the height’ and ‘Is hurt? Boon hai na no punishment ‘Lines have not missed out on motivating the Cariminati Youth.

Watch carminati’s bang video:

This exquisite song from Cariminati was released on YouTube on Sunday. After the release of the song, 4.5 lakh views reached in a few minutes. Talking about Cariminati, his YouTube channel has more than 28 million subscribers. Their videos are based on roasting.

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