Madam chief minister – Movie review

Madam chief minister
18 / 100

Actor: Richa Chadha, Manav Kaul, Akshay Oberoi, Saurabh Shukla, Subrajyoti
Director: Subhash Kapoor
Category: Hindi, Drama
Duration: 2 Hrs 10 Min

Amidst all the controversy, director Subhash Kapoor’s film Madam Chief Minister Corona Kaal has been released in theaters today. It is believed that Richa Chadha’s role in the film resembles that of BSP leader Mayawati. However, a big disclaimer has been given at the beginning of the film that the story, events and characters of the film are fictional. There is no doubt that Subhash Kapoor, a political journalist, has been able to show the oddities, irony and opulence of the personal and political life of the Dalit women leader. Richa Chadha’s brilliant acting under her directorial direction makes ‘Sone Par Suhaga’ work.

Madam chief minister

The story begins with the 1982 era of Uttar Pradesh, where the Thakurs’ family shoots at the Dalit groom’s procession simply because the dalit had made such a dare to climb the mare with a horse in the presence of the Thakurs. , Whose rights Thakur believes for himself. Roop Ram is killed while intervening in the shootout. At the same time a daughter is born to his house. The daughter’s mother pleads with her mother-in-law that she should not poison her child like previous daughters.

The second scene of the film is in 2005, where she is young as a girl, Tara (Richa Chadha), Bayabak, bold, fearless and educated Tom Boyash girl. She falls in love with the upper caste youth leader Indu Tripathi (Akshay Oberoi). She dreams of marrying Indu, but then there is an earthquake in her life. Well-known Dalit leader Mastrji (Saurabh Shukla) saves him from the storm and joins his political party. After that, Tara’s journey from a common girl to becoming the CM of Uttar Pradesh begins. In this journey, the disgusting face of politics filled with caste, betrayal, conspiracies comes to the fore.

Directed by director Subhash Kapoor. They have been successful in tailoring the characters to suit the story and theme. The screenplay of the film strengthens the surroundings. In their story they highlight many issues like gender discrimination, casteism, power hunger. By midnight, the film stares in layer by layer thriller style, but the story weakens slightly in the second half. The second half focuses on Tara’s personal life rather than political stunts.

The climax is strong. The dialogues of the film are sharp. Many dialogues such as ‘The one who builds the metro in UP loses and the one who builds the temple wins’. Jayesh Nair’s cinematography makes the story believable. Background music is powerful. Thankfully, there are no unnecessary songs in the film. A song sung by Swanand Kirkire in the music of Mangesh Dhakade, ‘Chidi Chidi’ is in line with the story.

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Richa Chadha’s strong acting makes this brutal political drama visible. If it is said that this is the best performance of Richa’s career, then it will not be wrong.

At the beginning of the film, her boy-cut hair looks a bit confusing, but within minutes she gets mixed up in the character in such a way that the audience forgets that look and drowns them in their consensual performance. The transformation of Dalit girl as CM, who cheated on the upper cast boy in love, is amazing. Not only Richa, the acting of all the actors is a strong aspect of the film. Saurabh Shukla as Masterji wins hearts. The scenes between him and Richa have become highlights of the film. In the role of Akshay Oberoi and Danish Khan as Indu Tripathi, Manav Kaul has shown a strong presence. Subrajyoti plays the role of a power-less leader. Companion casts are perfect. The lyrics of this film’s beautiful song ‘Chidi-Chidi’ have been written by famous lyricist Dushyant.

See why – fond of political drama and the performance of the film can be seen for the strong performance of the cast.

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