Mumbai Saga Review: Audience stunned by Imran’s dialogue in John’s film, Sanjay Gupta rang alarm bells

Mumbai Saga Review
22 / 100

Director Sanjay Gupta has brought his new film Mumbai Saga. John Abraham and Emraan Hashmi are seen in this film. Both superstars Mumbai Saga is a multistar crime thriller. Such films have been seen by viewers before. In such a situation, Sanjay Gupta has filmed something new through the Mumbai Saga or reintroduced the old story by dipping it in color. The story of Mumbai Saga has brought the real life of a real life gangster Amartya Rao aka DK Rao on the film screen. Whose character is filmed by John Abraham. Amartya Rao ruled Mumbai when it was known as Bombay.

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How did Amartya Rao become the most well-known goon of Mumbai and how did it end? All this is depicted in the story of the Scene Saga. Although the film is not new in Mumbai Saga. Bollywood has released many such drama films. You can watch Sanjay Gupta’s Mumbai Saga for Imran Hashmi John Abraham’s dialogue and well-shot action scenes. The film also stars actors like Kajal Aggarwal, Prateik Babbar, Gulshan Grover, Mahesh Manjrekar and Amol Gupte.

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John Abraham can become a smart, passionate and agile star like Daniel Craig, Liam Neeson or Nicholas Cage. But they have to become Hulk. The Hulk is a creature born of the special effects of the Marvel series. Superman made from a chemical locus within the hero’s blood.

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