Naagin 5 Today’s Written Episode 2nd January 2020: Bani Performs “Tandava” To Save Ve Always Life

bani Nagin 5 Episode
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Another twist is about to get introduced in Naagin 5. The supernatural show which airs on Colors TV will show one of the most interesting episode tonight which will certainly amaze the viewers. In today’s episode, the lead character, Bani will perform the Tandav, a classical form of dance to impress Lord Shiva.

As Maarkat and Jay will team up to kill Veer while using Bani as a pawn, the latter will pray Shiva to save him. The negative characters, Maarkat and Jay will use Bani to feed Veer the poison. Bani on another side will misunderstand the poison to the medicine.

bani Nagin 5 Episode

Since Veer will get in a life-death situation due to Bani, she will take a vow that she will not stop performing until Shiva gives Veer his life back. Where Maarkat will shake hands with Jay and try to attack Veer and by good fortune, they will succeed in doing that.

The attack will injure Veer and to save his life, Bani will unintentionally make him consume the venomous liquid. Later when Veer will not regain his senses, Bani will come to know that something is definitely fishy and will get the knowledge of everything afterward.

The incident will make Bani terrified and she will start blaming herself for Ve attacking condition. Later she will head to Shiva’s temple and will announce that she will continue performing Tandav until Veer gets his life back.

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The twist will get its telecast on Colors channel tonight and the fans who were waiting for the exciting episode will get to watch it this Saturday. Besides if we talk about the previous episode, Balwant tried his fortune to take Maarkat’s life.

Unfortunately, he did succeed in it. And if his attempt to kill Maarkat would have succeeded then Ve improved life must not have got into danger now. However, this would be a test for Bani as to how she will save her husband now.

The pair has gone through so much recently and after crossing hurdles, they got slight happiness but looks like they yet have to go through a lot in order to prove their bond.

Telly Soap queen, Ekta Kapoor surely knows how to hook the fans to a show, and bringing this interesting twist, the viewers are definitely going to help the television serial make a return in the TRPs chart.

Going to see if Bani will be able to save Ve improving life or will lose him forever? Catch Naagin 5 on colors to find about the upcoming twist and tune in to colors at 8 PM. You can also check the previous article to read the previous episode till then check our articles for further updates and stay tuned…

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