Radhe Movie Review: Salman Khan’s ‘Aabha’ faded in front of ‘Pratibha’, know-how ‘Radhe- Your most wanted brother’

Radhe Movie Review
15 / 100

Radhe Your Most Wanted Bhai Review Radhe- Your Most Wanted is another film steeped in brother Salman Khan’s aura that will live up to your expectations or not, it depends on how big of a fan you are of Salman Khan.

New Delhi. As usual, ‘Radhe- Your Most Wanted Bhai’ is completely Salman Khan’s film. Regardless of the good acting of the supporting actors of Salman’s films, but every ‘talent’ seems pale in front of Salman’s ‘Aura’. Each scene passes through it in such a way that nothing but Salman is highlighted. Yes, in the scene where Salman Khan is not there, the co-stars definitely get a chance to show their talent. It happened many times with Randeep Hooda in ‘Radhe.

‘Radhe- Your Most Wanted Bhai’ is another film steeped in Salman Khan’s aura, which will live up to your expectations or not, it depends on how big of a fan you are of Salman Khan. ‘Radhe- Your Most Wanted’ is directed by Prabhudheva, who made Salman Khan’s ‘Wanted’ in 2009 and then ‘Dabangg 3’ in 2019.

Radhe Movie Review

Salman’s ‘Radhey’ is the third film with Prabhu. Prabhudeva has coined the story of ‘Radhe – Your Most Wanted’ with Radhe, the main character of ‘Wanted’. The background is in Mumbai, where drugs have created a furore. Even children studying in class X are getting addicted to drugs. Giving life for drugs To control this situation, the suspended undercover cop Radhe, who has done 97 encounters in 10 years and 23 transfers, has been called to control this situation. Rana’s drug business in Mumbai is in the hands of Rana. To find out about Rana, Radhe enlists the help of a gang of two enemy gangsters.

Radhe hires him to find Rana by forging a friendship between the two. Meanwhile, Radhe meets Diya, who is the sister of his senior Avinash Abhyakar. Avinash does not like Radhe and Diya’s proximity. However, Avinash cannot walk in front of Radhey’s pawns. On a tip, Radhe faces a rival Rana. However, Rana and his companions are overwhelmed and leave Radhe and his team injured. After this Radhe falls behind Rana. Rana makes school children his eye and ear to locate Rana. Ultimately, Radhe kills Rana and his companions.

Radhe- Your Most Wanted Brother is a remake of the Korean film The Outlaws. The story came from there, which has been fitted in the background of Mumbai. The screenplay is written by AC Mugil and Vijay Maurya. The dialogues are also of Vijay. Radhe does not leave an impact due to poor writing. The film’s scenes are based on the stereotyped formulas of Hindi cinema. The dialogues seem very childish at some places. The comedy scenes between Salman and Jackie Shroff feel imposed. Jackie Shroff could have been better used in the film. Salman is considered one of the most successful romantic heroes of Hindi cinema, but the romantic scenes between him and Disha in Radhe seem dramatic beyond the natural.

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Disha looks very stylish and beautiful in the role of Diya. However, his entry in the screenplay seems like a mere filling of the blanks. If the character of Diya is removed from the film, the entire film remains unaffected except for one scene. Randeep Hooda plays Rana, the vicious and ruthless drug mafia character. He is impressive in many scenes and is not lighted up anywhere in front of Salman. Gautam Gulati appears in the role of Rana’s side kick and worked well.

Many well-known actors have appeared in small roles in the film. Singer Arjun Kanungo also started acting in the film with the character of Gangster Mansoor. Punjabi actress Ihana Dhillon plays the role of Arjun’s wife. You will also see the connection of Salman Khan and Bigg Boss in the casting of Radhe. Just keep watching. At the same time, Radhey will probably be the first film, in which Salman Khan will be seen standing outside his house – Galaxy Apartment. The music of Salman’s films has also been his music. Radhe’s songs are visually gorgeous, but do not stay together for long.

The film’s action sequences also have repetition. There is no newness in their combination. All such scenes of freedom and freedom from the laws of gravity have been seen by the audience in Salman’s films. The helicopter scene of Climax could have been impressive, but due to poor editing, the scene did not turn out. To digest such larger-than-life scenes, it is important to have credibility in their collection. Well, whatever it is, Salman Khan has completed the commitment to come on Eid. Your wish ahead.

Artists – Salman Khan, Disha Patni, Jackie Shroff, Randeep Hooda, Gautam Gulati, etc.

Director- Prabhudeva

Producer– Salman Khan Films, Zee Studios

Platform – Zee 5, Zyplex

Star- ** (two stars)

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