Shaadisthan Review: The power of ‘Shaadisthan’ strikes at the thought of ‘What will the society say’, read the full review

Shaadisthan Review
17 / 100

Shaadisthan, which released on Disney Plus Hotstar on June 11, is a limited resource film with a noble intent and a broad message. The film outlines an issue that in many cases becomes a major cause of suffocation of half the population.

New Delhi. The biggest advantage of OTT platforms flourishing in the country has been such films, which have been made in a limited budget, but have to struggle hard to come on the big screen. Even if somehow some screens are found in theatres, then they are almost certain to be overlooked in the shadow of big films and if the film is giving any message then it may not reach the people.

Shaadisthan, which released on Disney Plus Hotstar on June 11, is a limited resource film with a noble intent and a broad message. Shaadisthan highlights an issue deeply embedded in the psyche of Indian society, which in many cases becomes a major cause of suffocation of half the population.

The fear of ‘what will the people say’, ‘what the society will think’ gives a direct attack on the thinking of the girl’s marriage as the last truth of her life. Arshi, 17, who lives in Mumbai, is going to turn 18 in a few hours. The parents find a boy for her with the help of their relatives in Rajasthan, which is a sort of exchange of girls between two families.

Arshi’s relationship is being done with the brother of the girl whom Arshi’s aunt’s son is getting married to. Arshi is not ready for marriage at all. She wants to fulfill her dreams. She also opposes, but seeing the compelled face of the mother, she puts down her weapon.

Arshi’s family travels in a music band bus after they miss a plane to attend the wedding. This music band is going to perform in the same wedding, in which Arshi’s family is to attend. Apart from Sasha, the band’s lead singer is Freddy, Jigmi and Imad.

During a conversation on the way, Sasha learns of Arshi’s dilemma and wants to help her in some way. Sasha talks to Arshi’s mother, but she cannot muster the courage to be against her husband and society. The band performs after reaching the wedding.

Sasha once again talks to Arshi’s mother, where she expresses her inability to break out of the maze of society. Meanwhile, an incident happens that Arshi’s father and mother realize their mistake and eventually return to Mumbai with the band’s bus without having any relation with Arshi.

The story of Shaadisthan is written by the film’s director Raj Singh Chowdhary, while screenplay and dialogues are contributed by Karthik Chowdhary, Nishank Verma and Kuldeep Ruhil. The story is quite simple, but a successful attempt has been made to make it interesting through the screenplay. It is interesting to see a narrow-minded parent interacting with four free-spirited musicians who have their mornings with beer.

Sasha and Arshi’s mother represent women from two different streams of Indian society. However, there is no exaggeration in his portrayal in the screenplay. Two different thoughts are shown with a balance. For this, credit must be given to the dialogue writers, who have kept the dialogue between Sasha and Arshi’s mother logical and controlled.

The story of the film is such that there was scope for drama, but the screenplay was kept very simple and close to reality. However, in the climax, this simplicity is a bit shaky. The film ends in a jiffy when the audience is feeling some thrill after an important event.

Along with writing, ShadiSthan’s second biggest strength is its cast, which is led by Kirti Kulhari. Kirti is a great actress. His acting ability has been seen by the audience in films and web series like Shaitan and Pink.

This character of Sasha, a free-spirited yet practical singer in Shaadisthan, has been lived by Kirti Kulhari with gusto. Real life musicians Apoorva Dogra, Ajay Jayanti and Shenpen Khimsar portray the remaining three members of the music band.

Medha Shankar has successfully played the character of Arshi. Medha has narrated the sadness of a girl very well, somewhere in silence and sometimes through expressions. At the same time, Rajan Modi has given a very mediocre performance in the role of a middle class, devoted to the family but who is afraid of the society.

Nivedita Bhattacharya is good in the character of Arshi’s mother bound by the rules of husband and society. The film’s music is composed by Nakul Sharma and Sahil Bhatia, which fits the story and the mood of the film. KK Menon’s cameo is enjoyable. Fans would love to see him on screen.

Shaadisthan is one of those shocking films released on OTT, which suddenly come out of nowhere and then become the choice of the audience. The film may sound preachy at some places, but a one and a half hour film does not bore.

Artists– Kirti Kulhari, Nivedita Bhattacharya, Rajan Moji, Medha Shankar, Apoorva Dogra, Ajay Jayanti, Shenpen Khimsar etc.

Director– Raj Singh Choudhary

Producer- Anant Rungta, Sanjay Shekhar Shetty.

Rating– *** (Three Star)

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